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Throughout history, great revolutionary ideas have always been met with one of two reactions:

  • Pessimists call them an expensive or impossible pipe dream, while 
  • Strategic-minded early adopters see the opportunities to create a sustainable competitive advantage and act fast!

Where are you standing when it comes to blockchain in your supply chain? Schedule your consultation with one of our executives today and let us show you what is possible!

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What To Expect

Depending on your situation, speak to Bob Burrows, Chainvu's CEO and Founder, or Pradeep Arora, our Director of Development, to:

  • Learn how Chainvu's embedded sensors monitor any changes in heat, shock, motion, or movement outside of a predefined zone to protect your products

  • Get a live walk-through of Chainvu's IoT, SAAS and blockchain based services and smart components from the loading deck all the way to the store shelf

  • Experience how an exception alerts all supply chain members and how an optimal delivery automatically kicks off a smart contract via blockchain

  • Get all your questions answered, including integration with pre-existing systems, pricing, and much more. 

Don't miss this chance to create a sustainable competitive advantage for your business!


Knowledge Is Power

Get real-time notifications of and insights into events that could cause spoilage or breakage — from the loading bay to its final destination.


Reduce Labor Cost & Waste

Define clear service level agreements across your entire supply chain to reduce spoilage and waste while ensuring that contracts are kept. 


Enhance Your Brand

Protect your reputation while growing your brand's reliability, integrity, and sustainability through secure, unquestionable traceability.


"Millions of tons of food spoils before it even reaches the store — resulting in potentially life threatening (and brand reputation damaging) health hazards like the recent Romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak.

Chainvu is about to change that by placing smart, connected, and autonomous sensors that interact live with higher level supply chain blockchain services. This way, every member of the supply chain immediately gets a notification if anything goes wrong — reducing waste and increasing product security and safety in food and pharma supply chains."

Bob Burrow, Founder & CEO at Chainvu