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Want to test and evaluate the features of Chainvu's smart goods logistics solution in a real-world scenario?

Apply for a 1-month trial and experience how blockchain could revolutionize your supply chain:

  • Reliably track your products through the supply chain
  • Get instant notifications about variations in temperature, moisture, shock, or movement out of a pre-defined zone
  • Execute smart blockchain contracts upon arrival 

All this and more — without the need to change any existing business processes!

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What To Expect For A Trial

As part of your trial, you will receive:

  • 100 Chainvu Sensors
  • Access points for your trucks, loading docks, and receiving bays
  • Access to dashboards, instant notifications, and reporting
  • Dedicated account manager and support throughout your trial

All you need to provide us with is internet access (required) and VPN-LAN access (optional). 


Best Suited For Strategic-Minded:

  • Food manufacturers and processing companies who are looking to ensure the integrity and safety of their products 
  • Logistics, pallet, and distribution companies looking to offer a competitive advantage to their customers through blockchain
  • Retailers looking to increase their profitability, food safety and recall efficiency, food traceability and transparency

Knowledge Is Power

Get real-time notifications of and insights into events that could cause spoilage or breakage — from the loading bay to its final destination.


Reduce Labor Cost & Waste

Define clear service level agreements across your entire supply chain to reduce spoilage and waste while ensuring that contracts are kept. 


Enhance Your Brand

Protect your reputation while growing your brand's reliability, integrity, and sustainability through secure, unquestionable traceability.


"Millions of tons of food spoils before it even reaches the store — resulting in potentially life threatening (and brand reputation damaging) health hazards like the recent Romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak.

Chainvu is about to change that by placing smart, connected, and autonomous sensors that interact live with higher level supply chain blockchain services. This way, every member of the supply chain immediately gets a notification if anything goes wrong — reducing waste and increasing product security and safety in food and pharma supply chains."

Bob Burrow, Founder & CEO at Chainvu